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The best McDonald's, KFC and Hungry Jack's deals this week

Do you like burgers? You should probably stop reading this if you don't. (Images: KFC, McDonald's Australia, Hungry Jack's)

Fast food is a super-competitive game in Australia.

Hungry consumers pay the industry $20.1 billion, according to IBISWorld, and the big-brand restaurants all want a piece of that action.

This means that Yahoo Finance readers should never pay full price for a burger or fried chicken. There will always be a value deal somewhere.

We present below, as always, our favourite specials from KFC, McDonald's and Hungry Jack's this week. This should assist you in comparing and deciding where to eat.

McDonald's: best discounts

Previously the best deals were found in the MyMaccas smartphone app – but at the time of writing there was only one spotted:

  • $1.50 cheeseburger

The voucher drought must be because McDonald's is funneling customers to the Mini Games promotion. This involves playing a series of games inside the MyMaccas app to potentially score these free menu items:

  • Cheeseburger 

  • Big Mac burger

  • McChicken burger

  • Quarter Pounder burger 

  • Filet-O-Fish burger

  • 6 Chicken McNuggets 

  • 10 Chicken McNuggets 

  • Small 10-piece chicken McNugget meal 

  • Small Big Mac meal and a Cheeseburger

  • Small fries 

  • Hash brown 

  • McCafé small coffee 

  • Regular sundae 

  • McFlurry 

  • Large shake 

KFC: best discounts

The source of the most reliable specials is the KFC Australia mobile app.

The New Products page shows the temporary discounts:

  • 24 nuggets for $10

  • $2 slider (aioli, supercharged, pepper mayo or BBQ)

  • Streetwise Feast (6 pieces original recipe, 6 nuggets, 3 tenders, 2 large chips, 2 dipping sauces): $21.95

The best ongoing deals are found in the Colonel's Offers section:

  • Burger Combo Deluxe (Zinger or Original Fillet burger, chips, drink, potato & gravy): $7.45 

  • Double Combo (2 Zinger or Original Fillet burgers, 2 chips, 2 drinks): $14.45

  • Family burger deal (4 Zinger or Original Fillet burgers, two large chips, 1.25L drink): $21.95 

  • Cheap as Chips (8 pieces original recipe, 6 nuggets, 2 large chips, 2 large potato & gravy, 2 dipping sauces): $20.95

(Image: screenshot of KFC Australia app)

Hungry Jack's: best discounts

Hungry Jack's, unlike its rivals, favours paper vouchers.

But the chain is notorious for its inconsistency in accepting the coupons. Some outlets will honour a picture on a mobile phone, others will insist on seeing it on paper, while others won't accept any voucher. 

It's irritating for hungry folks, but if you want to give it a bash here are the specials:

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