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The best McDonald's, KFC and Hungry Jack's deals this week

All the fast food outlets offer discounts all the time. (Images: Getty)

Australians can't get enough of fast food – but they love it even more when they don't have to pay full price.

And because the quick-service restaurant market in Australia is worth $20.1 billion (according to IBISWorld), all the major outlets will offer discounts each week to get a slice of that action.

Low prices, all the big chains are aware, are the fastest route to customers' wallets.

For your convenience, Yahoo Finance now puts together all the tasty discounts in one place here to help you decide where to go for a burger or fried chicken:

McDonald's: best discounts

McDonald's current campaign is the Monopoly game, but it doesn't provide any cut-price food – only free food to be won.

So it's best to turn to the MyMaccas mobile app for the best discounts:

(Image: MyMaccas app)
  • $3 Big Mac – on the mobile app

  • $1 hash brown – on the mobile app

  • Free regular fries and drink with the purchase of a McClassic burger – on the mobile app

  • Free side with a Big Mac – on the mobile app

  • 24 chicken McNuggets: $9.95 between 10:30am and midnight

KFC: best discounts

The chicken chain's best discounts can be found on the KFC Australia mobile app, especially on the Colonel's Offers page:

(Image: KFC Australia app)
  • Popcorn chicken bucket: $10

  • Double Combo (2 Zinger or Original Fillet burgers, 2 chips, 2 drinks): $12.95

  • Burger Combo Deluxe (Zinger or Original Fillet burger, chips, drink, potato & gravy): $7.45

  • Family burger deal (4 Zinger or Original Fillet burgers, two large chips, 1.25L drink): $20.95

  • Colonel's Dinner (4 pieces original recipe, 4 pieces original tenders, sauce, large chips, large potato & gravy): $15.95

  • Dinner box (10 pieces original recipe, 2 large chips): $21.95

This deal is currently on in stores available without the app:

  • $4.95 Fill Up (1 piece original recipe, pepper mayo slider, chips, potato & gravy): only available until 4pm

Hungry Jack's: best discounts

The burger chain's popular letterbox paper coupons were stopped earlier this year, but it has made a comeback:

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