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The best McDonald's, KFC and Hungry Jack's deals this week

All the big names have their eyes on your wallet. (Images: AAP, Getty)

The fast food industry is worth $20.1 billion a year in Australia, according to IBISWorld.

This is why the big restaurant chains are climbing over each other to get your business. And they know the shortest path to your wallet is through low prices.

All this means Australians should never pay full price for a quick feed.

The current month is dominated by burger chain McDonald's '30 Days, 30 Deals' promotion. This campaign offers up a unique bargain each day during November.

But below are all the cheap deals offered up from KFC, Hungry Jack's and McDonald's, so you can make up your own mind where to eat this weekend:

McDonald's: best discounts

This is the full list of '30 Days, 30 Deals', but the specials coming up on the MyMaccas mobile app in the next few days are:

  • Nov 15: $8 for two small Quarter Pounder meals

  • Nov 16: McHappy Day (charity fundraiser)

  • Nov 17: $4 for a small Cheeseburger meal and an extra Cheeseburger

  • Nov 18: $2 McChicken

  • Nov 19: $1.50 McFlurry

  • Nov 20: $2 Big Mac

  • Nov 21: $1 large fries

  • Nov 22: $8 for two small McChicken meals

KFC: best discounts

The chicken chain's most reliable deals are found in the KFC Australia smartphone app.

These deals are currently in the New Products section: 

  • Popcorn chicken bucket: $10 

  • The Dipping Bucket (8 original tenders, 12 nuggets, regular popcorn chicken, 2 large chips, 1 gravy, 4 dinner rolls, 4 dipping sauces): $25.95

$10 popcorn chicken bucket is ending soon. (Image: KFC Australia app)

But The Colonel's Offers page is where you usually find the best value:

  • Dinner box (10 pieces original recipe, 2 large chips): $21.95

  • Colonel's Dinner (4 pieces original recipe, 4 pieces original tenders, sauce, large chips, large potato & gravy): $15.95

  • Family burger deal (4 Zinger or Original Fillet burgers, two large chips, 1.25L drink): $20.95 

  • Burger Combo Deluxe (Zinger or Original Fillet burger, chips, drink, potato & gravy): $7.45 

  • Double Combo (2 Zinger or Original Fillet burgers, 2 chips, 2 drinks): $12.95

Hungry Jack's: best discounts

The burger chain's popular letterbox paper coupons were stopped earlier this year, but it has made a comeback:

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