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The best Aldi specials this week

Tony Yoo
Cosmetics, activewear, suitcases, a trampoline and a toy kitchen pictured with an Aldi sign.
Some of the Special Buys on sale in the coming week. (Images: Aldi Australia, Getty)

Aldi Australia has carved out a public image of consistently lower prices than its older rivals Woolworths and Coles.

The retailer has developed such a loyal following in the country that a survey earlier this year showed Australians now have an "emotional connection" to Aldi – the sort of customer bond that the other two could only dream of.

The same study predicted the German challenger would push for equal market share as Coles and Woolworths within the next ten years.

Aldi fangirls and fanboys can be seen lining up outside before the doors open on Wednesdays and Saturdays to grab the limited-stock Special Buys homewares.

There are also discounted groceries called Super Savers, but the savings aren't quite as good as Woolworths and Coles' half-price deals in terms of percentage off.

Yahoo Finance has once again done the running around for you to select the best Special Buys and Super Savers for the coming week:

Aldi Super Savers (groceries)

Super Savers grocery specials finally changed over this week after remaining the same for the previous four weeks:

  • Marinated whole split chicken California BBQ or Portugese Peri Peri: $4.99 per kg (normally $6.99)

  • Boneless butterflied chicken Greek style or Hickory Smoked BBQ: $9.99 per kg ($10.99)

  • Thin sausages 24-pack 1.8kg: $7.99 ($9.49)

  • Nut bars – peanut choc; choc almond & cranberry; or blueberry & yoghurt: $1.99 ($2.39)

  • Satisfied snacking Prista crispbread 300g: $1.69 ($2.29)

  • Meal replacement bar chocolate, choc mint or choc cherry 55g: $1.49 ($1.99)

  • Passionfruit pulp 170g: 99c ($1.39)

Although not really grocery items, Super Savers this time include Lacura cosmetics, which are usually sold out in minutes as one-off Special Buys. This might be a good chance to score some if you missed out in the past:

  • Renew Q10 anti-wrinkle day cream 50mL: $5.99 (normally $6.99)

  • Renew Q10 anti-wrinkle night cream 50mL: $5.99 ($6.99)

  • Renew Q10 anti-wrinkle serum 50mL: $5.99 ($6.99)

  • Revitalise mature skin day cream 50mL: $5.99 ($6.99)

  • Revitalise mature skin night cream 50mL: $5.99 ($6.99)

  • Revitalise mature skin serum 50mL: $5.99 ($6.99)

Cosmetics on sale as Aldi Special Buys this week.
(Image: Aldi Australia)

Aldi Special Buys: Saturday November 9

Travel gear and art & craft supplies dominate Saturday's specials:

  • Luggage soft case with TSA-approved zipper lock 2-piece set: $99.99

  • Wireless noise cancelling headphones: $69.99

  • Luggage soft case carry-on: $39.99

  • Wheeled backpack: $39.99

  • Luggage hard shell children's carry-on various designs: $29.99

  • Universal travel adaptor kit: $19.99

  • Children's noise limiting headphones: $14.99

  • Portable Bluetooth speaker: $14.99

Suitcases on sale as Special Buys at Aldi this week.
(Image: Aldi Australia)
  • Easel: $89.99

  • Deluxe wooden art box set 151-pieces: $49.99

  • Tracer projector: $49.99

  • Artist case 45-piece paint set: $29.99

  • Artist storage box: $24.99

  • Graphic markers 12-pack: $14.99

  • Acrylic artists paint 100mL: 99c

Art supplies on sale as Aldi specials this week.
(Image: Aldi Australia)

Aldi Special Buys: Wednesday November 13

Activewear, toys and Christmas decorations go on sale Wednesday:

  • Women's knit joggers: $19.99

  • Women's fitness tights or compression tights: $14.99

  • Women's fitness crop or bra: $9.99

  • Drink bottle with ice stock 1.89L: $9.99

  • Microfibre sports towel: $9.99

  • Vibration plate: $179

Toys on sale as Aldi Special Buys this week.
(Image: Aldi Australia)
  • Trampoline 10-foot with safety net: $199

  • Wooden miniature kitchen with accessories, lights and sound: $79.99

  • LED scooter: $29.99

  • Foot-to-floor ride-on Frozen 2 or Paw Patrol: $29.99

  • Barbie 'I Can Be' playset animal rescue or gelato café: $29.99

  • Santa Express train set 45-piece: $69.99

  • Christmas carnival scene giant ferris wheel or Santa carousel: $99.99

  • Christmas musical village scene A Christmas Carol Play or Elf Made Toy Factory: $99.99

  • Christmas façade scene River Moore’s Christmas Street Festival or Dasher’s Advent Stable: $59.99

  • Disney musical character Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy or Donald: $24.99

Christmas decorations and collectibles on sale as Special Buys at Aldi this week.
(Image: Aldi Australia)

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