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The best Aldi specials this week

Eating, exercising and sleeping – all supported by Aldi's Special Buys this week. (Images: Aldi Australia)

Aldi is shaking up the supermarkets duopoly of Coles and Woolworths.

The German challenger has captured the hearts of bargain hunters by cultivating an image of "always low" prices, even though that might not be numerically true.

The strategy has worked a charm since its entry into the country 19 years ago, with a study last year finding Australian shoppers have "an emotional connection" to Aldi.

Woolworths and Coles would give an arm and a leg for that level of customer loyalty.

Yahoo Finance each week picks out the most attractive specials from Aldi's Special Buys homewares and Super Saver groceries for the coming 10 days.

We hope this will help you plan your grocery shop, although keep in mind that Woolworths and Coles' half-price grocery specials are more heavily discounted.

Aldi Special Buys: Saturday January 18

Lunar new year cooking crockery and ingredients dominate Saturday's offers.

  • 2-in-1 electric grill with hot pot: $58.88

  • Stainless steel wok 28cm with lid: $28.88

  • Cast iron enamel grill plate round or rectangle: $19.88

  • Electric rice cooker 10-cup: $18.88

  • Beef jerky 200g bulgogi, teriyaki or five spice: $8.88

  • Marion’s Kitchen cooking kit pad thai 430g, san choy bow 375g, massaman curry 355g or laksa 375g: $4.88

  • Sriracha sauces green chilli 495g, spicy black pepper 500g or wasabi 480g: $3.98

  • Sesame oil 250mL: $3.58

  • Aloe vera king drinks original or mango 1.5L: $3.58

  • Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise 300g: $2.98

(Image: Aldi Australia)

Aldi Special Buys: Wednesday January 22

Wednesday sees bedroom, bathroom and kitchen homewares, as well as wellness foods go on sale.

  • Weighted blanket: $89.99

  • Ventilated memory foam pillow with charcoal, cooling gel or lavender infusion: $39.99

  • Talalay latex pillow gel-infused standard or contour shape: $39.99

  • Pillowcase and eye mask set various colours: $39.99

  • Outlast pillow: $29.99

  • Textured towel set 4-piece (bath x2, hand, face washer): $29.99

  • Bamboo shower caddy: $29.99

  • Bamboo duckboard: $24.99

  • Bamboo bath caddy: $16.99

(Image: Aldi Australia)
  • Lou Laguiole cutlery 24-piece set: $29.99

  • Ceramic casserole pot 22cm: $17.99

  • Ceramic saucepan 2-piece set: $17.99

  • Griddle pan 28cm: $14.99

  • Ceramic frypan 28cm: $13.99

  • Terracotta dinnerware 4-pack: $12.99

  • Ceramic frypan 24cm: $11.99

  • Dry roasted mixed nuts 1kg: $19.99

  • Hemp powder or seeds 1kg: $19.99

  • Natural cashews 1.2kg: $17.99

Aldi Special Buys: Saturday January 25

Exercise gear and wardrobe accessories rule the Australia Day long weekend.

  • Fitness massage gun: $99.99

  • Swing stepper: $49.99

  • Smart scale glass body: $39.99

  • Wireless in-ear earphones: $39.99

  • Portable rechargeable blender 400mL: $19.99

  • Women's fitness tights: $14.99

  • Laundry hamper folding, round or square: $19.99

  • Over-door storage hooks: $14.99

  • Shoe rack: $14.99

  • Expandable hanging closet rod: $9.99

  • Fabric wardrobe organiser or storage box: $7.99

  • Vacuum storage or hanging bag 4-pack: $7.99

(Image: Aldi Australia)

Aldi Super Savers (groceries)

The Super Savers remain the same as the last two weeks:

  • Stir fry beef: $13.99 per kg (normally $16.99)

  • Salmon fillets 4-pack 460g: $11.99 (normally $12.99)

  • Banana bread slices 5-pack 500g: $3.99 ($4.49)

  • Large wraps 8-pack 560g: $2.99 ($3.49)

  • Tuna and rice meals 190g: $1.99 ($2.49)

  • Tuna treats with crackers 112g: $1.49 ($1.99)

  • Prawn gyoza 750g: $6.99 (normally $7.99)

  • Vita Grain crackers 250g: $1.49 ($1.99)

  • Topz crackers 300g: $1.49 ($1.99)

  • Take Away biscuit bars filled with milk chocolate 5-pack 140g: $1.49 ($1.99) 

  • Yoconut dairy-free dessert 500mL: $3.99 ($4.99)

  • Kombucha peach & ginger 330mL: $1.99 ($2.69)

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