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How much does a Bachelor date actually cost?

How much does it cost to date like the Bachelor? Source: Network 10

Forget dinner and a movie, The Bachelor takes dating to new heights. Literally.

From seaplanes to helicopters, skydiving to dirty street pies, the reality television show has reimagined the concept of the first date.

But are these dates affordable for everyday daters?

Are you willing to take your potential one true love on a 30-minute helicopter ride around Wollongong, like this season’s astrophysicist bachelor Matt Agnew? Or are you more willing to take your new crush to get a pie from Harry’s, like season one’s Blake Garvey?

Here’s what it costs to date like Bachie.

1. The Bachelor 2019: Episode 2

Your date: A helicopter ride, a gown and a private orchestra

Cost: $4,290

In the second episode of Matt Agnew's season, he takes potential love interest Sogand Mohtat on a pretty pricey date.

Mohtat is treated to a helicopter ride over Wollongong, and Agnew follows it up by bestowing her with a gown fit for the Oscars, and a private viewing of an orchestra in the woods.

Let’s do some number crunching.

A 30-minute helicopter ride over Wollongong, Kiama Beaches and the coast for two people costs $590, as per

If you wanted to skimp out on the coastline and drop it down to just Wollongong, you’ll be set back $340 for 30 minutes.

Then, Mohtat is treated to a fancy dress, and while there’s no info on how much that exact dress costs, we do know Mohtat has some pretty expensive tastes. In one episode, Mohtat wore a gown by Australian designer Alex Perry on the show, which cost $2,600.

Then, Agnew and Mohtat got all dressed up and sat in the woods to watch a private orchestra play for them.

Hiring a string quartet from Sydney Youth Orchestra for two hours minimum will set you back $1,000 (plus GST). If you want a wind quintet, it can cost you $1,100 (plus GST).

In total, you’re looking at around $4,290, and that’s without food, drinks or transport.

2. The Bachelor 2014: Episode 11

Your date: A dirty street pie

Cost: $5.90

In the 11th episode of The Bachelor’s first season, Garvey took love interest Laurina Fleure to Harry’s Cafe De Wheels in Woolloomooloo.

This one is pretty straight-forward. Laurina got to have a pie from iconic pie shop Harry’s, which was later dubbed the ‘dirty street pie’.

According to Harry’s menu, pies are just $5.90, and if you’re getting one too, you’ll only pay $11.80 for the both of you.

3. The Bachelor 2018: Episode 15

Your date: Painting each other, a shower

Cost: $67

In the semi-final of Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins’ season, he and Brooke Blurton painted each others’ bodies in front of a mirror, and then had a shower.

This date can be done on the cheap.

If you don’t already have a portable mirror at home, you can head to Kmart and buy a large mirror for around $30 to $40.

Then, you can head to Officeworks and buy some coloured paint sets for $17. A brush set will cost you around $10.

And a shower is free.

4. The Bachelor 2016: Episode 10

Your date: A chocolate bath, bubbles

Cost: $7,865

On this strange episode of Richie Strahan’s season, he and his love interest, Alex Nation, bathed in a chocolate-filled bath and shared some bubbly.

That bath was filled with 300 litres of chocolate, which equates to around 300,000 grams.

A standard block of Cadbury chocolate costs $4.80 for 180 grams, or $2.57 per 100 grams.

So if you need 300,000 grams of chocolate, it’ll cost you around $7,710 to fill up the tub.

You’ll also need a bottle of champagne, and if you’re doing it Bachelor-style, get a Moët & Chandon to be safe. That’s $155.

Total cost? $7,865.

So is it a Harry’s pie or a body painting session?

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