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Australia’s most expensive city for singles

What has love cost you? Images: Getty

Depending on who you ask, love is blind, a many splendored thing or a battlefield.

Ask a Sydney-sider and they’ll tell you that love is expensive.

At $160 a date, Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia for romance.

Those looking for love in Dubbo have it a lot easier, with the average date night setting you back $123, according to new research from Elite Singles.

This is based on the average cost of a ‘typical date’, including a meal, wine, movie and taxi.

Across the country, the average date night costs $145 – $15 more than the global average.

This is how much it costs in 14 Australian cities:

1. Sydney, NSW: $160
2. Melbourne, VIC: $158
3. Hobart, TAS: $156
4. Canberra, ACT: $152
5. Perth, WA: $149
6. Brisbane, QLD: $146
7. Gold Coast, QLD: $146
8. Cairns, QLD: $145
9. Newcastle, NSW: $143
10. Darwin, NT: $143
11. Adelaide, SA: $136
12. Toowoomba, QLD: $136
13. Geelong, VIC: $133
14. Dubbo, NSW: $123

How do we stack up internationally?

If we look internationally the price of a date varies significantly.

The price of a date in Sydney is unsurprisingly cheaper than a date in London, New York and Tokyo. However, it’s only slightly cheaper than a date in the city of love, Paris ($161).

A date in Paris is the height of romance but it doesn’t come cheap. Image: Getty

A date in Istanbul, Turkey is really cheap: $44. But head further north to Oslo, Norway and your date will cost $241.

Meanwhile, a date in Nairobi, Kenya will set you back a respectable $105.

1. Oslo, Norway: $241
2. London, UK: $228
3. New York, USA: $204
4. Stockholm, Sweden: $175
5. Tokyo, Japan: $173
6. Amsterdam, the Netherlands: $165
7. Paris, France: $161
8. Sydney, Australia: $160
9. Toronto, Canada: $155
10. Auckland, New Zealand: $149
11. Hong Kong: $148
12. Berlin, Germany: $143
13. Seoul, South Korea: $124
14. Singapore: $121
15. Barcelona, Spain: $121
16. Nairobi, Kenya: $105
17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: $99
18. Taipei, Taiwan (ROC): $97
19. Shanghai, China (PRC): $95
20. Moscow, Russia: $87
21. Cape Town, South Africa: $78
22. Bogotá, Columbia: $74
23. Mexico City, Mexico: $64
24. Mumbai, India: $50
25. Istanbul, Turkey: $44

Why the difference?

The research compared the price of a dinner for two, a shared bottle of wine, two movie tickets and an eight kilometre taxi ride.

Across Australian cities, the average dinner will cost $77, a bottle of wine will come to $15 and with movie tickets ($32) and a taxi ride ($21) the total comes to $145.

Finding love in Istanbul is comparatively cheap. Image: Getty

Internationally, the main difference is the price for dinner ($65). The global average spent on wine is slightly higher ($16) but movie tickets are lower ($28) and the taxi ride is the same, bringing the global average to $130.

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