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Australia’s 9 most expensive homes sold

Which one is your favourite? Images: Getty, Lendlease, Barangaroo, Domain

Waterfront views, pools and historical architecture: Australia’s 9 most expensive homes have a few things in common, in addition to eye watering price tags. 

We look at these 9 luxe properties. 

9. Coolong Road Vaucluse property, NSW

Image: Domain

Sold in April 2016 for $60 million, the double-property now owned by Menulog co-founder Leon Kamenev boasts waterfront views was bought as part of a $70 million package of four homes. 

8. Barangaroo One pad, NSW

Image: Barangaroo One

James Packer bought this $60 million two-level pad from Crown Resorts, while the building is still under construction. 

7. Portofino, Point Piper, NSW


Sold in November 2016 by car importer Neville Crichton to stock trader Andy Wenlei Song for $60.66 million, this trophy home features a gym, a private jetty and six bedrooms. 

6. Altona, Point Piper, NSW


Another Point Piper property, this home was sold for $61.8 million in November 2016 to businessman Wang Zhijun. 

It features waterfront views, a private cinema and jaw-dropping pool. 

5. Phoenix Acres, Vaucluse, NSW


This $65.25 million home was sold in December 2017 to hotel mogul Dr Jerry Schwartz. This characterful home once again features sweeping waterfront rooms, and a historically inspired pool. 

4. La Mer, Vaucluse, NSW


This $70 million home was sold by James and Erica Packer to businessman Chau Chak Wing in August 2015 is unusual in its lack of ocean views, but makes up for it with its southern Spanish architecture.

3. Elaine, Point Piper, NSW

Image: Domain

Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar purchased the jacaranda-clad mansion from the Fairfax family in April 2017 for $71 million, quashing developer hopes of subdividing the premium property. 

2. Fairwater, Point Piper, NSW

Co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar. Image: Getty

The Atlassian co-founders became neighbours when Mike Cannon-Brookes purchased the circa $100 million home, Fairwater, in September 2018, also from the Fairfax family. 

1. Top three floors, Tower 1 in One Sydney Harbour NSW

Images: Lendlease

With an unknown buyer, but suspected price of at least $140 million, this home broke records when it sold in October this year. 

The off-the-plan sale will see the lucky buyer own the two-storey penthouse and a sub-penthouse below.

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