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Australia’s 10 most-trusted brands revealed

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The home to budget groceries and quirky advertisements, Aldi has beat out Bunnings, Qantas and the ABC to be named Australia’s most-trusted brand.

Kmart, ING and NRMA also got honourable mentions, with Toyota, Bendigo Bank and Target rounding out the list.

However, in the three months between the July and October survey there were some notable shifts.

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While Aldi, Bunnings, Qantas and the ABC maintained their winning positions, NRMA fell two spots and Samsung, Myer and IGA fell off the list entirely.

They’re still doing better than the major banks, AMP, Telstra and Facebook, which all scored a place on the least-trusted brands.

AGL, Coles and Shell also made appearances.

“Trust is vital to the success of any business, but the key message of the Roy Morgan Net Trust Score survey is that growing distrust can be a disaster, leading to customer churn, loss of market share and in some cases a long slide into oblivion,” Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said.

“We have seen time and again companies making bad business decisions that don’t take into account the way people will feel about an action or policy. Whether it’s Facebook, the big banks or our major utilities, directors and their management teams need to think about the social drivers of trust and distrust – ethics, believability, integrity and transparency.”

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By sector, Australians trust banking, media and mining sectors the least and retail, supermarkets and consumer product sectors the most.

“Understanding what drives trust with customers – and just as importantly with potential customers – is essential to brands.

“Trust is not just a ‘marketing’ or ‘comms’ issue – it goes to the heart of corporate culture and governance for every company,” Levine concluded.

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