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Aussie's simple hack to save $13 on tank of petrol: 'Fantastic'

Savvy drivers are saving at the bowser with this easy hack.

7-Eleven petrol station and customer receipt.
An Aussie driver has taken to social media to share the easy way he is saving money on petrol. (Source: Getty/Facebook)

A Melbourne driver has shared the clever way he is saving money on petrol, after slashing a recent bill by more than 20 per cent.

Taking to the popular Markdown Addicts Facebook group, the driver shared he had saved $13 filling up his car using the My 7-Eleven App Fuel Price Lock feature.

“How good is the 7-Eleven fuel price lock, more than 20 per cent off my fuel bill today,” he wrote, alongside a picture of his receipt.


The fuel price lock feature allows motorists to search for the lowest local fuel prices and then lock that amount in to use at any 7-Eleven service station in Australia for the next seven days.

With petrol prices changing daily, this means customers can lock in a cheaper price for when they are ready to fill up down the track.

If the locked price is more expensive than the price at the pump when you fill up, you can still pay for the cheaper price.

“I saw ads about it and I thought I’d give it a go and it is brillant,” the poster told Yahoo Finance.

“In these times of uncertainty and the cost-of-living crisis, it’s fantastic that 7-Eleven is doing this.”

Aussies share their saving wins

Aussie drivers took to the comments on Facebook to share their own saving wins, with many also sharing screenshots of their discounted fuel bills.

“It’s great, last week I saved $21,” one user said.

“I had 164.9 locked in and filled up yesterday where it said 209.9 at the bowser! Saved about $25 in total which was amazing!” another driver wrote.

“Put just over 120 litres into mine today, with a 40cpl [cents per litre] difference between the bowser and the fuel lock. Saved $50 - attendant was impressed,” a third user shared.

“Yes! I saved $25 the other day!” another said.

Other drivers weren’t aware of the petrol-savings tip, with one user commenting: “Fantastic thank you for the recommendation, this is great.”

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