Aussies shocked by Neighbour’s ‘Ramsay St’ house: ‘It’s a dump’

An Aussie TikToker has shared the inside of Toadie’s house from Neighbours, leaving fans shocked.

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Neighbours house
A house from Neighbours has hit the market and Aussie fans have been left shocked. (Source: Docking Real Estate, jewells001/TikTok)

An iconic house from Neighbours has hit the market and fans are shocked by its ‘neglected’ condition.

Located at 3 Pin Oak Court in Vermont South, the famous house was once the fictional home to beloved characters Toadie Rebecchi, Jim Robinson and Lou Carpenter on the fictional Ramsay Street.

The four-bedroom, two-bathroom home has an asking price of $1.275 million and was open for inspection last Saturday.

An Aussie TikToker, known as Jewels, shared her walk through of the property and said its presentation was “lacking”.

“The front of the house is very overgrown and needs a good mow,” she said in the video.

“I went straight to the balcony to look outside at the back and again it is very overgrown. It’s been neglected for quite awhile by the look of it.”

The kitchen was also “dated”, she said, and there were “blowflies in the family room”.

“But looking past all that it may suit a family wanting to get into the market and renovate,” she said.

‘It’s a dump’

Many people in the comments were shocked at the ‘neglected’ condition of the property.

“My jaw is literally on the floor. That’s so sad to see it so overgrown. So weird to see how dated it is inside too,” one person commented.

Neighbours house.
The pool looks quite different in the real estate photos. (Source: Docking Real Estate)

“The outside made me sad as a Neighbours fan. On the bonus they will be filming again so I’m assuming they take care of gardening,” another said.

“Gee, it looks like they are counting on the fame of the house to sell it! It's a dump,” someone else commented.

“$1,200,000 for this??? They need to seriously fix it first,” another said.

Neighbours ran for 37 years and aired its final episode in July last year. But the show is set to return this year, following a deal between Amazon and Fremantle Australia.

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