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The Aussie universities where graduates get paid the most

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It’s no secret that graduates from certain Australian universities get paid more than others, even as soon as they enter the workforce.

In fact, figures from the latest Graduate Outcomes Survey has revealed how much Australian graduates get paid on average, ranked according to university.

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Graduates from regional-based Charles Sturt University topped the chart, ranking in $78,300 four years after finishing their university studies.

In fact, universities in Melbourne lagged behind their Sydney peers, with graduates from the University of Melbourne and RMIT University earning just $65,000 and $65,400 respectively.

The highest and lowest earners by faculty

Four years after graduating, those that earnt the most were (perhaps unsurprisingly) dentists ($109,600) and doctors ($98,400). Engineers came in third ($77,000).

By contrast, 2014 undergraduates that earning less than their cohorts four years on were those who studied creative arts ($56,500).

Communications graduates as well as those who studied tourism, hospitality, personal services, sport and recreation commanded a salary of $60,000.

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