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Aussie rages over $6 cafe charge that could get much worse: 'Criminal offence'

Alyssa was charged $6 for an extra egg on her meal and she said it's not fair on customers.

Alyssa sitting her her car next to a plate of breakfast
Alyssa called out an Aussie cafe for charging $6 for an extra egg. (Source: TikTok/Instagram)

A young Aussie has called out cafes for charging customers several dollars for add-ons to their meals. Alyssa Jayne went to a Queensland cafe recently and couldn't believe her eyes when she saw how much it cost for an additional egg.

Aussies have already been putting establishments on notice for classic meals costing an arm and a leg, but now it seems high prices are filtering down to individual items. Jayne added on an extra egg after being told her poached eggs only came with one egg and two pieces of toast, which she called a "criminal offence".

"Has anyone broken down how much it costs a cafe when someone adds an extra egg, like how much does that extra egg would cost them? Because why the f**k is it costing us $6?" she said.


Jayne said she is well aware that cafes, pubs, restaurants and other venues markup the food they buy, but questioned why one single egg should cost that much.

"I am not spending six dollars on one goddamn poached egg," she added. "I understand you want to profit but, like, surely that is like f**king daylight robbery."

You can pick up a dozen free-range eggs from the supermarket for less than $6.

That works out to be almost 50 cents per egg.

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People were shocked when they saw how much Jayne had to fork out just to keep the toast-to-egg ratio balanced. Some also called out cafes for not reducing prices if customers want to remove certain items.

"They’re charging $6 to add AVO now. I already had to take out the bacon and cheese from my meal but you didn’t minus those from the price," one said.

"When I go out for breakfast I get eggs benny but I always want to add a tomato, avo and a hash brown but then I remember that would cost $16 and that’s criminal," wrote another.

A third added: "And why when I ask to remove the poached egg from my Caesar salad is the salad not $6 cheaper??"

But a cafe owner piped up and explained the reason behind the markup.

"Single egg costs 0.36 cents but the cost of doing business is like $180,000 a year for staff, utilities & rent not inc cost of goods (raw food pricing)," they said.

It could soon cost shoppers and cafe customers like Jayne a lot more for eggs.

A bird flu outbreak has been confirmed in two New South Wales farms after it was originally detected at a Greater Sydney poultry egg farm on June 19.

To date, 327,000 birds either have been, or will be, culled as a result of the two NSW-based outbreaks.

In Victoria, the highly contagious virus has been confirmed at eight poultry farms that have been hit by two separate strains of HPAI – the H7N3 and H7N9.

The outbreak has prompted Coles to implement a two-carton buying limit on eggs for all states and territories except for Western Australia.

The South Australian government has also implemented a ban on live poultry and fertile movements from high-risk Victorian properties, with strict conditions placed on imports from other farms. This however doesn’t apply to eggs sold for human consumption.

Smoked Egg Company founder and CEO, Julie Kos, told Today the outbreak has seen the price of eggs go up by $8 per box and she said the impact of that will be massive for Aussies.

"Eggs are a staple in the food industry, so unfortunately, it's not just the eggs we're going to have to pay more for on the supermarket shelves," she said.

"It's actually so much worse because 80 per cent of our products are made from eggs, so it means that every food item that takes an egg is also going to have to go up in price, which is going to hit consumers extremely hard."

- with NCA Newswire

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