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Aussie grandmother threatened with $220 fine for advertising garage sale

Are you surprised by the fine? Images: Getty

A New South Wales grandmother was threatened with a $220 fine after attempting to advertise a garage sale for her grandson.

The Central Coast woman told the Daily Telegraph she was about to put a sign up advertising the sale when a ranger stopped her.

“I had my hammer in my hand and my sign and was holding onto my grandson's hand crossing the road and he pulled up and smiled at me and then I saw his badge,” she said.

The ranger went on to tell her that if she put up the sign she would be hit with a $220 fine.

The woman ultimately decided to just put the sign on her car, with the garage sale going on to make $43 for her grandson.

However, she questioned why she wasn’t allowed to advertise the sale while politicians’ electoral advertisements were permitted.

According to the Central Coast Council’s website, “Council Rangers monitor and regulate in accordance with legislation, unauthorised activities and structures on public land, such as advertising and signage, roadside trading and street stalls, busking and camping”.

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