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The Aussie dollar is strongest in these top 5 holiday destinations

Not sure where to travel to next? Consider these five countries. Photos: Getty

Are you looking for your next holiday destination but don’t know where your money would be best spent?

If you exchange your money now, here are the top five countries where you’d get the most bang for your buck and save yourself hundreds of dollars.

1. Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey. Photo: Getty

A holiday here is “reasonably priced”, given the Australian dollar has been up 28 per cent against the Turkish lira (₺) since November 2017.

“Aussies looking for an adventure should check out the eastern part of Turkey to see ancient ruins, or the western part for its big cities and the tranquil Mediterranean Sea,” WorldFirst head of foreign exchange Patrick Liddy said.

A$3,000 exchanged today will give you ₺11,594.02, but the same amount exchanged at the end of April would have only meant ₺9,180 in your pocket.

2. India

Varanasi, India. Photo: Getty

As if the food and the culture wasn’t enough of a drawcard, the Aussie dollar has been up 5 per cent against the Indian rupee (₹) since November last year. “Now is the right time to travel to this vibrant country,” Liddy said.

“India is also an extremely architecturally diverse nation, complete with monuments, temples and palaces. There are 37 UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites across the country that are all rooted with history and culture.”

You’d have ₹155,504.92 for your A$3,000 if exchanged today, but only ₹145,230 if you exchanged it around the same time last year. That’s nearly ten thousand rupees, which comes to almost A$200!

3. United Kingdom

Great Orme, North Wales, UK. Photo: Getty

Boasting both bustling metropolitan cities as well as quiet countrysides, the UK will make for a bountiful holiday destination.

“Fulfil shopping needs in London’s Piccadilly Circus or explore the historical castles of Scotland,” said Liddy.

For expats or Aussies with family ties to the UK, it is a good time to travel back home. The Brexit uncertainty has caused the British pound to drop almost 3 per cent against our dollar since October.

If you exchange your A$3,000 today, you’d have £1,734.28; but just two months ago, you would have only had £1,620 for your holiday.

4. Austria

Christmas market in Salzburg, Austria. Photo: Getty

If you want to escape the summer heat or keen for a white Christmas, you should consider a trip to Austria.

Boasting some of the world’s best ski resorts, and with galleries and museums, this central European country is ideal for ski buffs and arts aficionados alike.

“With the Australian dollar climbing 3 per cent against the Euro since September, a ski holiday this summer may be worthwhile.”

A$3,000 exchanged today would give you €1,942.62, but just two months ago you would’ve only had €1,833.

5. Spain

La Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. Photo: Getty

If you’re inclined to chase the sun, Spain’s archipelago – the Canary Islands – is an ideal getaway.

“Whether Aussies are seeking surf, snorkelling, or an adventurous hike, Spain’s Canary Islands is now cheaper thanks to our dollar strengthening 3 per cent against the euro since September,” Liddy said.

Like Austria, Spain uses the Euro, so you’ll save the equivalent of more than A$100 if you exchange A$3,000 today when compared to September.

The next time you’re trying to decide where to travel, don’t leave it up to a spin of the globe or the toss of a coin – let the currency exchanges guide you instead.

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