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Aussie city among top 10 in the world for work-life balance

A man sitting on a beach with a surfboard while he is on his phone and looking at a laptop to demonstrate a work-life balance.
Sydney is among the best cities in the world for finding a healthy work-life balance. (Source: Getty)

Having a good work-life balance is something many people strive for, and COVID-induced lockdowns highlighted the importance of separating the two over the past two years.

New research has found one Aussie city is among the top 10 in the world for having a good work-life balance.

Sydney came in at number eight on a global scale as being renowned for its employment opportunities and lifestyle offering, according to Kisi research.

“Since the pandemic began, we’ve experienced the difficulties of juggling our jobs and private lives, and have grown to appreciate the value of having a healthy balance between the two,” the research said.

“Rather than being a liveability index or a ranking of the best cities to work in, the study seeks to show which cities provide the healthiest work-life balance for their citizens.”

The rankings were decided by analysing each city’s work intensity by looking at the suitability of each for remote working.

Then, Kisi assessed the work intensity of each city by collecting data on overworking, holiday allowances and the number of vacation days taken.

It also considered unemployment figures and the percentage of people working multiple jobs to understand how the economic fallout of the pandemic had affected the job market in each location.

To capture the impact of inflation - which hinders the ability of citizens to enjoy a beneficial work-life balance - the research included the percentage of inflation in each city to identify where citizens were feeling the greatest pinch.

Finally, it looked at the number of paid parental leave days on offer in each city.

Here are the top 10 cities in the world for work-life balance.

  1. Oslo, Norway

  2. Bern, Switzerland

  3. Helsinki, Finland

  4. Zurich, Switzerland

  5. Copenhagen, Denmark

  6. Geneva, Switzerland

  7. Ottawa, Canada

  8. Sydney, Australia

  9. Stuttgart, Germany

  10. Munich, Germany

The 10 worst cities for finding a work-life balance are:

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

  2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  4. Sao Paulo, Brazil

  5. Bangkok, Thailand

  6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

  7. Montevideo, Uruguay

  8. Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  9. Memphis, USA

  10. St. Louis, USA

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