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Aussie catches scammer in wild conversation: 'Nice try, bro'

An Aussie snake catcher has caught out a scammer posing as a Suncorp Bank worker.

Snake catcher and scam call
An Aussie has caught out a scammer impersonating a Suncorp Bank worker. (Source: southsidesnakes20/Instagram, brycegrylls/TikTok)

A Brisbane snake catcher has shared the wild moment he caught out a different kind of snake on TikTok, with the fraudster revealing his real accent, location and suggesting the two meet up.

Bryce Lockett, who goes by the username Bryce Grylls, posted the phone conversation he had with a ‘British’ man named ‘Eric’ who claimed to work for Suncorp Bank’s ‘financial advice and fraudulent investigations team’.

In the recording, ‘Eric’ says he is calling about six suspicious transactions made on Lockett’s account through BPAY and

Lockett initially plays along with the conversation and says he doesn’t recognise the transaction, before turning the tables on the scammer.

“You’re pretty good at doing the scams yourself,” he says.

“Really? I don't scam, sir. I work at the bank,” the scammer initially replies.

“Well, you don’t because this is the third time this has happened to me and I have already called Suncorp every time and you don’t even exist,” Lockett says.

‘Eric’ then drops his fake accent and says: ‘You wouldn’t even believe I was f****** from Scotland would you? I’m not even from Australia.”

They both laugh and Lockett says: “You’re a scammer, bro … Nice try, bro.”

The scammer then asks what it is like in Australia and says he needs to visit and the two can “meet up”.

Lockett then asks him why he feels the need to scam people.

“I make a lot of money doing it, sir,” the scammer says.

“You make money but everyone else loses out on their money,” Lockett replies.

“I don’t give a f***. I’m not gonna meet them once in my life, they ain’t gonna benefit me. They get the money back from Suncorp so it’s fine,” the scammer says.

‘This is hilarious’

The TikTok has now been viewed nearly 3 million times, with many people in the comments pointing out how funny the conversation was.

“Why am I laughing? I usually go off my head at them, but this is hilarious,” one user commented.

“The accent switch-up was mad,” another said.

“Nah, this got mad funny, ‘What’s it like in Australia?’” another person said.

Suncorp Bank has warned customers to be alert to receiving calls or messages claiming to be from the bank.

“Any unsolicited contact requesting personal information, access to online banking, or taking an action, such as sending money to another bank, should be ignored, and reported to us on 13 11 55,” it said.

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