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‘Update your details’: ATO warns Aussies about fake myGov text scam

The ATO is warning about a scam text telling recipients they need to "update their [myGov] details". (Source: Getty, ATO, myGov)

The Australian Taxation Office has issued a warning to Australians about a fake text scam that asks recipients to update their myGov details.

However, users are warned that clicking the link will take you to a fake myGov website.

Here’s what the scam looks like:

The ATO is warning Aussies about this fake text advising Australians to update their myGov details. (Source: ATO)

“The website instructs users to login to what looks like their myGov account,” the ATO stated on their Scam Alerts website.

“It then asks them to update their bank and credit card details. Do not click on these links and do not disclose the information requested”

The link is a red flag: the real taxation office will never get in touch with you in this way, it warned.

The ATO will never send an email or SMS asking you to access online services via a hyperlink.

The scam warning comes a few days after the official end of tax season.

Australians had until the 31st of October to lodge their tax return, but those who haven’t yet can side-step penalties and have until next May by lodging through a tax agent.

What’s the proper and safe way to access the ATO website?

All managing of your tax affairs online should be done through your genuine myGov website. You can access your myGov account at

You can also make access to your myGov account more secure by adding an extra layer of security: you can opt to receive an SMS text every time you log onto myGov.

To report an ATO scam, you can fill out an online form at

For more information on verifying an ATO scam, visit their website.