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Apple redesigned the Photos app in iOS 18 to intelligently organize your memories

The company says it's the biggest update ever for the app.


Apple’s iOS 18 update — which the company described as the "biggest ever" — will bring major changes for the Photos app. The company previewed the redesigned, which, among other things, automatically organizes all your photos around memorable moments like trips and events.

The new version will ditch the app's current tabbed layout in favor of a single screen where you can view all your photos, albums and memories in one place. The familiar grid view of all your images will live at the top of the app, with intelligently organized “collections” below.

The redesigned Photos app arriving in iOS 18.
The redesigned Photos app arriving in iOS 18. (Apple)

Apple is also making the app smarter with its new collections, which will sort your photos into album-like views based things like on recent trips and the people you spend the most time with. The feature is a bit like the existing "memories" feature in photos, in that it groups like images together and can autoplay them when you want to revisit the moment. (Though, unlike memories, collections don't include sound effects and animations.)


Photos is also more customizable with the ability to pin collections to a dedicated section of the app. And new filtering abilities will make it easier to look for specific types of pictures or weed out screenshots while browsing.

The Photos app will also benefit from Apple's new AI abilities in iOS. Photos is getting AI-powered image editing with a new "Clean Up" editing tool that can remove background objects similar to Google's "magic eraser" feature. You'll also be able to create custom stories based on your photos with a new memories feature that allows you to type a description of the moment you want to capture. "Apple Intelligence will pick out the best photos and videos based on the description, craft a storyline with chapters based on themes identified from the photos, and arrange them into a movie with its own narrative arc," the company says.

The new redesigned Photos app will be arriving with the iOS 18 update later this year.

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