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8 million Aussies targeted by scam

If you've received this email, delete it. Images: Getty, Mailguard

Australians who bank with ANZ have been told to be on guard against a cunning email phishing scam which aims to harvest their data. 

Computer security firm Mailguard on Friday sounded the alarm over the scam which sees targets receive emails purportedly from ANZ. The bank has 8 million customers.

While the email’s sender display name is ‘ANZ Online’, the actual email is coming from a compromised account. 

Image: Mailguard

The email reads: “You Have One Important Security Message In Your Internet Banking Account,” and asks targets to “log on” to view the message by hitting the link. 

Then, victims are led to a page that appears legitimate which asks users to log in to the ANZ website. 

Image: Mailguard

However, this is a phishing page used to gain customers’ login details.  

Once users have surrendered their details, they are led to another page asking them to update their security questions, in order for the scammers to gain more personal details to hack other accounts. 

Image: Mailguard

However, there are a number of hints that this is a scam. 

  1. The email doesn’t use your name, just ‘Dear ANZ Customer’. 

  2. The email doesn’t use any of your information. 

  3. There’s a stray accent in ‘AccountÂ’.

  4. Different font sizes and strange grammar. 

  5. On the questions and answer page, there are grammatical problems such as ‘‘update questions & Answer’ and ‘Verify to us your security questions’.

If you receive this email, you should delete it.

ANZ suggests customers always pause before sharing personal information, use two-factor authentication, double check suspicious messages and turn on automatic updates.

You can report suspicious messages by emailing, and remember to never click any links in suspicious messages.

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