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The unfortunate typo spotted by eagle-eyed shopper

An eagle-eyed shopper has spotted an unfortunate spelling error on a packet of sausages in the supermarket.

The photo of the misprint on a packet of Angus beef sausages was shared on Instagram.

The label reads: “Anus beef sausage” with the meat showing a $7.36 price tag.

“It’s good to see that they’re using the whole cow,” uploader S*** Adelaide wrote in the photo caption.

A shopper noticed a typo on this pack of sausages. Source: Instagram/ S*** Adelaide

The picture has more than 3600 likes with many users poking fun at the misprint.

“Often found between two buns,” one user commented.

“No wastage there!” another added.

Another user said they found it “a lot more amusing” than they should have.

“He had one job to do,” another commented.

The S*** Adelaide Instagram account claims the photo was taken at Foodland, Valley View in Adelaide but others referring to the same photo claim the pack was sold in Newtown, Sydney. The sausages originated from Free Country – a meat supplier in Victoria.