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How to turn 4 days' leave into 10 consecutive days off in 2020

Use just 4 days' leave to get 10 consecutive days off. Source: Getty

As Australians, it’s in our nature to love a good getaway.

But, we aren’t too fond of using our annual leave to do it.

This year, nifty Aussies took just three days’ annual leave off over the Easter break and ended up with a 10 day holiday when Anzac Day was thrown in the mix.

Next year, taking just four days’ annual leave in the same period will see you once again get a 10-day break.

Here’s how to get 10 days of leave

Easter Public Holidays in 2020. Source: Public Holidays

Next year, Good Friday falls on Friday the 10th April.

Easter Saturday, Sunday and Monday follow on the 11th, 12th and 13th of April.

That means if you take four days’ annual leave from Tuesday the 14th of April until Friday the 17th, and factor in Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of April as your holiday, you’ll end up with a well-earned 10-day break.

If you’re in Tasmania, Easter Tuesday is a public holiday, meaning you’ll only need to take three days’ annual leave.

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