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Amazon has started selling people for $30

Is Amazon actually selling people? Source: Getty/Amazon

If the thought of being alone on Valentine’s Day makes you shudder, some reportedly very single Amazon creators have launched what may just be the most genius marketing ploy to date: offering people up for sale, for as little as $5.

Only available to Amazon Prime subscribers and apparently able to be delivered within one hour, Amazon Dating is the time-poor person’s answer to online dating. 

Amazon has placed people up for sale. Source: Getty

Or it would be, if only it were real. 

The satirical site has launched in the lead up to February 14, leaving no other possible explanation than an incredibly clever Valentine’s Day marketing ploy.

The site, which launched on Tuesday, allows you to ‘add to cart’ Will, 33, who’s height is adjustable and he’s “really into the colour red”.

Will, 33 is up for sale on Amazon. Source: Amazon

You can select the ‘love language’ you’d prefer Will to use, and even base your decision on the reviews from other purchasers.

“Looks even better in person, my girlfriend was delighted,” one read. 

You can fill out a binding NGA, or ‘Non-Ghosting Agreement’ too.

Who knows when the ploy will end, but you should get in while stocks last. 

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