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Is this the cutest Aldi special buys item yet?

Aldi has something unusual in this week's special buys. Image: Getty

Aldi launched its outdoor living special buys sale on Saturday, and nestled amongst the hanging chairs, outdoor settings and pots are meerkats in costume. 

The $9.99 polyresin meerkats come in six costumes: a shark, pirate, Elvis, boy scout, wizard and businessman. 

And they are something, all right.

“Have you ever wondered what the cool kids are doing in their yards on the weekends?” the product description reads.

“Well they are setting a scene with a range of creative characters and animals to help bring their gardens to life.”

Aldi shoppers were delighted by the unusual garden ornaments, with Aldi’s video of the products garnering thousands of likes.

Fans also described them as “so cute”. 

“Oh yes please, not being greedy, but all of them please,” one person said. 

“I need these,” added another.

This isn’t the first time Aldi has sold the meerkats either, with the cute figurines also making an appearance in February 2019.

“I cannot believe there is sufficient demand for Aldi Australia to keep selling variations on meerkat figurines. Yet here we are,” Twitter user The Knitaholic said at the time.

Aldi’s ‘Good Different’ campaign

The meerkats come as Aldi ramps up its ‘Good Different’ advertising campaign in 2020.

“Good Different isn’t just a new tagline for ALDI Australia,” ALDI Australia CEO Tom Daunt said in 2017 when the campaign launched.

“After 16 years of establishing ourselves as a trusted place for the weekly shop, it’s now time for us to build on this success and tell Australians what makes us different, and why we will continue to be different.”

“ALDI Australia is unapologetically different – and that’s a good thing for shoppers.”

Aldi’s special buys have also been known for their “different” approach to retail, with an entire Twitter account dedicated to documenting the unusual products Aussie shoppers might find in Aldi’s middle aisles.

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