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Aldi’s $99 holiday product that triggered ‘mass stampede’ is back

This Aldi special buy is one of Australia's favourites. Image: Getty

It’s big, it’s grey and it’s back. 

Aldi’s caravan and camping sale will take over stores on Saturday 8 February, and there’s one item sure to sell out. 

Its $99 caravan cover has been known to cause chaos in the German discount supermarkets, with the covers usually retailing for between $250 and $320. 

“[The cover is] good value, wife got me one last time but is still recovering from the mass stampede and fights of grumpy old men. She is in rehab!” one member of the Caravan & Motorhome on Tour forum said. 

Avid holiday-makers have also warned of the items selling out in mere minutes. 

Aldi's caravan cover is extremely popular. Image: Aldi

“I survived the stampede. Sold out in 5 min. I lined up at my local store at 7.45 am and by opening (8.30) there were 200 customers waiting,” another camper said on the Caravaners Forum. 

And on Aldi forum, Aldi Lovers Australia, one person complained of being surrounded by “absolute vultures” during the 2018 sale, as camping gear was rapidly snapped up. 

Others commenting on the Aldi Australia Facebook page suggested those who want one line up “at midnight to have any chance of getting a caravan cover”. 

The caravan covers come in four sizes, 14-16ft, 16-18ft, 18-20ft or 20-22ft, have weighted buckles, three-zipper side panels and are UV stabilised. 

They also have reinforced corners and double-stitched seams. 

Aldi’s also selling a caravan side wall for $29.99, and a Pantera gas bbq for $269.

If you’re looking for something smaller, the supermarket giant is also selling $29.99 collapsible kettles and shatterproof drinkware for $9.99. 

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