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The 5 everyday Aldi bargains Aussies swear you can’t miss

Have you tried any of these everyday Aldi products? Images: Getty, Facebook (Mums Who Budget and Save)

German supermarket chain Aldi is known to be Australia’s biggest discount supermarket, with its Special Buys range frequently boasting staggeringly cheap prices.

But it’s not just the halloumi friesexercise machines and macrame balls that crop up in Aldi’s magical middle aisles; Australians also swear by Aldi’s everyday products.

Yahoo Finance wanted to know exactly what products Aussies swear by, so asked Facebook group Mums Who Budget and Save for their insider tips. Hundreds of users were keen to share their savvy buys, so we whittled our list down to the suggestions that most users had.


Aldi’s Mamia nappies range - which costs between $3.99 for a 28 pack of newborn nappies and $14.99 for an 80 pack of toddler nappies were universally adored.

“As a mum of two under two I swear by Aldi Nappies!” Rebecca Long said.

“Great fitting, never leak, gentle on my babies skin and such good value! Newborn nappies are over 14 cents cheaper per nappy to a leading market brand and toddler nappies are over 20 cents cheaper per nappy.”

This view was seconded by many, with Rachel Clarke saying she found they were a “better fit than any other brand”.

Di San stain remover and degreaser

Aldi’s $3.69 stain remover also got a lot of love.

“So inexpensive and does a great job,” Kellie-Jane Simpson said.

“It’s magic,” added Jodie Oakley.

“All the washing liquids and soak stuff [are] amazing,” Samantha Mac continued.

Gluten free range

Several commenters expounded on the virtues of Aldi’s Has No gluten free range. Gluten free penne will set you back $2.29, while cocoa puffs will cost $2.69 and plain flour costs $1.99 for 500g.

A smaller bag of gluten free pasta at Coles costs $3.80, while gluten free flour costs $6.30 for 750g.

“The gluten free range is awesome,” Kelly Sue said.

“I have a 5-year-old and she likes the cake mixes, the pasta, the cookies and they are so reasonable unlike some other places.”

Angela Krause agreed: “The gluten free range is great and so much cheaper...If you're a baker, the flour at $1.99 a box is very good value.”


When responding to the questions, shoppers mentioned cheese 21 times.

Aldi’s Emporium brand Mary Valley cheese got a shout out for being as good as Mersey Valley, but half the price, while others mentioned how much they love the blue cheese, gorgonzola and halloumi.

“Definitely their range of cheeses. They're authentic and affordable,” said Michelle Neale.

“The triple cream brie cheese - love it,” added Jenine Waters.


Aldi chocolate was another mass favourite.

“Aldi chocolate is the best! I have always bought expensive chocolate but seriously nothing beats the Aldi dark chocolate bars for taste - so creamy and delicious! Great quality chocolate so cheap!” Connie Haylla Fouskarinis said.

“Choceur Chocolates, I swear it’s better than Cadbury. More generous with their nuts too,” agreed Crystal Dawn.

Aldis Choceur chocolate range is $2.69 for a 200g block, while you’re looking at $4.80 for a 180g block of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate at Woolworths.

And an extra pro-tip

Be careful who you shop with. It could be an impulse-purchasing sister, or bargain-hunting partner.

As Sue Park warned, “Don’t take your husband. Mine likes the middle aisles. Has bought a train set and a vacuum sealer and recently I found him checking out a jack hammer.

“I got him out of there quick smart.”

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