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Aldi to sell Dyson vacuum for $200 off

Aldi catalogue showing the Dyson V7 Motorhead.

Aldi Australia is usually famous for its own generic brands, but fans are gearing up for a big brand Special Buy on Saturday December 14. 

The paper catalogue just released shows two Dyson vacuum cleaners to be sold at a heavily discounted price.

The Dyson Big Ball Extra and Dyson V7 Motorhead cordless will both be on sale for $399. Although you can buy the Big Ball for the same price on Dyson’s own website, the V7 currently sells for $599 there.

This means shoppers willing to line up early at Aldi can nab the popular cordless Dyson for $200 off.

On a full charge the V7 lasts 30 minutes of operation on standard suction and 6 minutes on maximum power. The device is meant to be used for quick clean-ups and interim cleaning, while a corded vacuum should be used for whole-house cleaning.

Aldi catalogue showing the Dyson Big Ball Extra.

Neither the V7 or the Big Ball Extra are the latest Dyson models, even though they are still on sale to the public.

The V7 has been superseded by the V11 while the Big Ball Extra has been taken over by the Cinetic Big Ball.

Special Buys are sold in strictly limited quantities and popular items can see fans lining up outside the supermarkets before doors open.

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