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Aldi fans in a frenzy over $100 toy selling for $30

Two children ramming each other inside Aldi's bubble balls. (Image: Aldi Australia)
(Image: Aldi Australia)

One of Aldi's current Special Buys has a lot of people excited on social media about ramming into each other in the backyard.

Bubble balls, which are giant inflatable spheres that children wear to run into each other in combat, are selling for just $29.99 at Aldi this weeked.

A glance through eBay shows similar bubble balls selling from $65 to up to more than $100 each.

When the budget supermarket posted the toy on social media this week, it garnered more than 79,000 comments, 8,400 likes and 1,700 shares on Facebook.

"We got them last Christmas and we had such a great time with them from 6 years to 68 years, a wet-your-pants full of fun. Yes, a must have," said one commenter.

One grandmother said: "So much fun I battled the grandkids last Christmas."

Another social media user suggested a practical adult use for the toys.

"Every pub should give you one of these for your walk home," he said.

One Facebook Aldi fan was concerned about how much usage the toys would get and the environmental consequences.

"Please No! Will be used for exactly one day before a stick pokes a hole – then it will sit in landfill for 500 years. Hire this stuff, people," she said.

The balls are not the only toys on special at Aldi this week, with ride-on electric cars on sale for $199 for a "4-wheel drive" and $179 for a "tractor". See the best of the specials here.

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