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‘Just ridiculous’: Outrage over Aldi item shortage

Aldi chest freezer shortage outrages customers. Source: Getty

Aldi shoppers have expressed outrage over a Special Buy shortage, after some stores seemingly failed to stock chest freezers. 

The 99-litre chest freezer was on sale for $249 today, but shoppers revealed in an Aldi Facebook group that they’d seen just one in stock, or none at all.

“Did anyone see more than 1 chest freezer at the stores this morning???” One member told the Aldi Mums group. “We went to several and each only had 1. That’s just ridiculous to have a sale and only have 1 come out!!!”

Another member revealed the store she visited had none at all.

“Went to store even before opening and the store had nothing at all,” she said. “I even asked the staff but he said no chest freezers. Scoring one is definitely a fluke.”

And it was the same for another member.

“Spoke with the manager. They are sitting in the containers on a wharf in Sydney waiting to clear customers.”

However, one eagle-eyed shopper said the stores had issued an apology for the lack of stock.

“You would have seen an apology card,” she said. “There was an issue and more will be arriving during the week.”

A member said Aldi gave rainchecks to some customers, and would contact the customers when the items came in. 

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