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Aldi is selling 2.1-metre Christmas trees for $99 in November

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Aldi has released its Christmas catalogue for 2019, meaning that savvy savers can plan their Christmas parties months ahead of time without breaking the bank.

As part of its Special Buys range on sale Wednesday 6 November, the supermarket is selling Christmas trees starting from $29.99.

But it’s really the Winchester Luxury Christmas tree – complete with LED lights – going for $99.99 that offers shoppers serious savings.

(Source: Aldi)

The artificial tree stretches 2.13 metres tall and consist of 1,154 mixed pine needles and 300 dual-coloured LED lights, according to Aldi’s website – meaning you won’t need to have the hassle of adding lights on after buying a bare tree.

At David Jones, Christmas trees taller than 2 metres start from $269 and can stretch to as much as $599 for a 270cm Sherwood dark green Christmas tree.

(Source: David Jones)

Meanwhile, Myer’s cheapest Christmas trees taller than 2 metres start from $349.

Aldi’s tree is cheaper than some of Amazon’s best-sellers, where Jingle Jollys’ 2.4 metre Christmas Tree is on sale for $103.90.

If the $99.99 price tag is too much, Aldi’s 182cm Newport Majestic Pine is being sold at a fraction of the price for just $39.99, and the 120cm option will set you back only $29.99.

Other items in Aldi’s Christmas catalogue includes meats, deli and seafood; desserts and sweets; other styling and decorating items; drinks and liquor; and snacks.

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