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Al Roker Tries to Have the Last Word After He Reignites a Major Twitter Feud

·3-min read
Al Roker Tries to Have the Last Word After He Reignites a Major Twitter Feud

The feud continues between Al Roker and the Rockefeller Christmas Tree — and already, things are pretty intense.

For the third year in a row, the beloved Today show meteorologist got into a fierce, punny tweet battle with the New York City holiday spectacle via its feisty Twitter account @30RockTree. Unlike in the past though, the spruce called out the weather anchor well before it had even made its trip from Maryland to the Big Apple.

“Enjoying the last few weeks of R&R before I head into the city,” @30RockTree tweeted on October 6. “But I'm telling you right now. The first reporter that shares my current secret location in the news? I will personally make sure that you're put on Santa's naughty list. You've been warned.”

While the tree made sure not to mention him by name, Al heard these words of caution loud and clear. Needless to say, he didn’t bother biting his tongue. “I want to get to the root of your hostility,” Al shot back.

This was all it took for Today show fans to join in with their own punny jokes in the comments section. "Stop needling around fir a joke. He doesn’t have leaves," one person wrote. "Al, you and @30RockTree should branch out into comedy," another added. "We know you've been pining for each other," a different fan said.

Then, as quickly as it started, the banter stopped — that is, until the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting ceremony got a bit closer. On November 28, @30RockTree was doing a Q&A on Twitter when a follower asked the tree, “Have you seen @alroker in the flesh yet this season?” The conifer wasted no time writing back, “He wakes me up every morning like this” alongside a GIF of Al saying, “Are you excited?!”

But it didn’t stop there. “Your needling me only makes me stronger,” Al clapped back in a retweet. That said, @30RockTree had to have the last word. “Don't @ me, Roker. I will be treeumphant,” the spruce replied.

On November 30, the eve of the lighting ceremony, @30RockTree had a few more words to say to Al. “I have decided to leave my position as The World's Most Famous Christmas Tree to become the next CEO of @Twitter,” the lumber giant said, referencing recent news headlines. “We have decided to just dress up @alroker in lights and have him plug himself in tomorrow night on TV. Let's be honest, you'd still watch that. BYEEEEE.”

Well, that’s certainly an image! Despite there being more not-so-subtle tweets exchanged by Al and @30RockTree this year, the two personalities seem to be loving the banter. Something tells us that they haven’t dished their best comebacks yet ...

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