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The 'Airbnb for pools' has launched in Australia, giving you the opportunity to book out a stranger's pool for a few hours

Sharon Masige
  • Swimply, the first online marketplace for pool-sharing has launched in Australia.
  • The app lets you rent a private pool for a couple of hours in New South Wales, Victoria or Queensland.
  • Swimply also partnered with pool maintenance company Poolwerx to ensure all pools listed on the site comply with Australian health and safety standards.
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Swimply, the first online marketplace for pool-sharing, has launched in Australia just in time for summer.

Described as the 'Airbnb for pools' by Thrillist, the app lets private pool owners rent their pool out to others for a couple of hours. At launch, it is available in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria – though only a small handful of pools are available in each city to begin with.

Swimply was founded in the US by 22-year-old entrepreneur Bunim Laskin.

Laskin started the business out of a need to relax on a hot summer day. According to LA Times, the idea came after Laskin asked a neighbour if his family could use their pool. In exchange, the family would pay 25% of pool costs.

Now the app has touched down in Australia.

“Australians love the outdoors and with the country's long summers we are excited to be able to democratise the pool experience so every Australian can enjoy affordable access to this summertime luxury," Laskin said in a statement.

Laskin said pool owners can get some extra cash on the side by renting out their pool.

How it works

On Swimply, you rent a pool by the hour, with some pools going for $20, $30 and even $50 an hour.

You can read descriptions of the pool including what suburb it is located in, any available amenities, and the rules swimmers have to comply with. Once you've zeroed in on the pool you want, you can request it and once approved you confirm your booking.

You're able to communicate with the pool hosts through the Swimply chat and once you are confirmed, you get access to the exact address, instructions on how you can get in and out and other information like the WIFI password.

Those who list their pools on Swimply have control over the availability, price, pool rules and whether or not to accept a request.

Swimply is partnering with pool and spa maintenance company Poolwerx to make sure all pools are vetted before they are listed so that they comply with Australian health and safety standards.

Who knows what the sharing economy will bring next.