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Adelaide parking tax in the SA budget mix

The South Australian government plans to tax parking spaces in the centre of Adelaide to raise much-needed cash to fund public transport infrastructure.

From July 2014, the government will impose what it calls a transport development levy on the owners of all inner-city parking spaces including off-street and multi-level carparks.

The fee of $750 a year for each parking space - or about $2 a day - will raise about $25.7 million a year.

Treasurer Jack Snelling says the measure will be included in Thursday's mid-year budget review with the funds to be earmarked for future park-and-ride facilities across Adelaide.

"Each year we want more people to turn to public transport as a means of coming into the city or going to different locations and we need to make sure our public transport interchanges have enough spaces for people to park their car and catch a bus, train or tram to where they want to go," he said.

"There are many parts of our public transport network which would benefit from improved park-and-rides and as part of the mid-year budget review we will look at where that needs to happen."

Mr Snelling says the new levy will reduce CBD congestion and recognise the cost to the government to upgrade the city's public transport.

The levy is expected to be passed on to motorists through increased parking fees.

Mr Snelling said as well as funding new park-and-ride facilities the government will look at other improvements, such as initiatives that improve passenger loading and encourage walking and cycling.