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9 most important things we've learnt about our jobs in 2018

Samantha Menzies
Senior editor – Finance
Jobs and workplace wrap for 2018. Source: AAP/Yahoo Finance

Australia’s jobs boom continued to the end of the year, with the unemployment rate steady at a 6.5-year low of 5 per cent. But it’s not all good news – our wage growth has barely budged in the last five years.

There’s never been a better time to shop around for a new career – here are the 9 most important lessons we learnt in 2018.

These are the best countries to live and work in: More and more Australians are considering an international move. Whether it’s for salary, lifestyle or even love, the major question is usually the destination. Popular expat destinations boast wage growth, strong local economies and career opportunities. But health, culture, property and the ability to make friends are also critical, along with children’s education prospects.

10 highest paid trade professions revealed: ServiceSeeking has pinpointed their website’s top tradie, a Melbourne builder specialising in property maintenance, renovations, demolitions and fit-outs, who brought home over $372,000 in FY18. He made more than many top earning doctors and lawyers, based on the latest median income stats from the ATO.

The CEO of a $960 million company uses a simple sentence to turn lazy employees around: Duolingo CEO Luis von Ahn knows exactly what to do with lazy employees. The founder of the language-learning app, which has been valued at $US700 million ($AU960 million), recently discussed his strategy for dealing with unengaged employees. “You can turn somebody from being a lazy person to being the most committed person if they honestly believe that the company and you, as a leader, think what they’re doing is important,” he said. 

These are the happiest and unhappiest jobs in Australia: Do you love your job? If the answer if yes, you’re among the lucky 19 per cent of Australians who agree with you. If the answer is no, at least you’re not alone.

Mining jobs back with a bang: The toast of the Aussie economy is back. Mining jobs, once the engine of our economy with workers earning outlandish sums of money for doing fly-in fly out (FIFO) stints in the outback, are enjoying a comeback.

The best place to live in the world as an expat is Singapore: For the fourth year in a row, the best country to live and work as an expat is Singapore. That’s according to the world’s most comprehensive study of its kind, the HSBC Expat Explorer report. It surveyed over 22,318 expats, defined as those who are based abroad on professional corporate assignment, from 163 countries.

The Aussie universities where graduates get paid the most: It’s no secret that graduates from certain Australian universities get paid more than others, even as soon as they enter the workforce. Here is how much Australian graduates get paid on average, ranked according to university.

Eight weirdest jobs in the world: It seems as if an individual can be hired for any type of job these days, from anything as strange as a professional bed warmer to a rather more educated pet psychologist. Finding a well-paid job in the current market can be difficult, so why not try out something a little bit different. Here are the eight weirdest jobs out there.

11 tips to increase your wealth: I agree with the comedian/actress, Sophie Tucker, when she observed: “I’ve been rich. I’ve been poor. Rich is better!” So I’m offering 11 tips for anyone who likes the idea of being richer.

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