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9 crazy things you could do with $100 million

Here’s a few ideas. Images: Getty
Here’s a few ideas. Images: Getty

I didn’t win the $AU107 million Powerball jackpot last night.

It was a surprising turn of events given I had 134.5 million to one odds of winning with a single-entry ticket. Those are some great odds, right?

My loss was rendered even more heartbreaking by the fact that I’d already planned what to do with my windfall, as I’m sure you did too.

But in case the winning Sydney mum is struggling to spend the $AU107 million she scored, here are some really great ideas I’ve come up with.

I’ve been working off $AU100 million so Sydney Mum will still have $AU7 million to spend.

You can thank me later, Sydney Mum.

1. You could buy a waterfront palace in Sydney

Sydney Mum: you could blow it all in one fell swoop. A property like this one, which sold for a rumoured $AU100 million last year, would be an easy way to tidy off that win.


Atlassian co-founder and rich-lister Mike Cannon-Brookes picked up Fairwater last year. Conveniently, it’s located close to fellow Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar’s Elayne, rumoured to have sold for $AU77 million.

2. Or a private jet
Image: Getty
Image: Getty

This jet seats 16 people and it’s quite nice. It’s listed as for sale for $US66 million, or $AU91.8 million.

3. Bankroll a movie
Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Okay, so I did some research and movies are actually really expensive to make, Sydney Mum.

The most expensive blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is notable not only for the fact that people were still making Pirates of the Caribbean movies in 2011 but that it cost $US379 million ($AU527 million).

But if you are feeling creative, Sydney Mum, you could just make a smaller blockbuster.

With $AU100 million, or $US71.9 million, you could make something like The Monuments Men, Ocean’s 8, Inglourious Basterds or Die Hard 2. These all cost $US70 million to make.

4. Take a visit to SPACE
A Virgin Galcactic aircraft. Source: Virgin Galactic
A Virgin Galcactic aircraft. Source: Virgin Galactic

Forget Santorini!

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic should be in space “within weeks, not months”, the billionaire entrepreneur said last year.

He thinks he will be in space himself within months, not years and you could go with him.

As of October last year, tickets on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShip Two cost $US250,000 ($AU347,510) so you could even take someone with you.

5. Help solve world hunger

Sydney Mum has said she will donate part of her winnings to charity. And while it’s been estimated that solving world hunger would cost $US30 billion a year, $AU100 million would still go a long way.

The African Development Bank and the Food and Agriculture Organisation are currently seeking $US100 million over the next five years to invest in agriculture with a goal of ending hunger in Africa and building wealth in the troubled continent.

6. Stay at the world’s most luxurious hotel for 18 years
It’s that one in the water. Image: Getty
It’s that one in the water. Image: Getty

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is considered the world’s most luxurious hotel. The best rate for its largest room, the Royal Suite, comes to $AU15,152.46 a night.

So you could hypothetically stay there for 6,599 nights, or 18 years and still have $AU7 million left over

7. What about a yacht?
Image: Getty
Image: Getty

I’d love a yacht, but I can’t afford one.

Sydney Mum can.

However, she’ll have to settle for something a bit less fancy than this $AU4.5 billion gold-plated super-yacht.

Source: Stuart Hughes
Source: Stuart Hughes

The bonkers History Supreme yacht is covered in 100,000kg of platinum, gold and jewels and has a statue made from the bone of a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Just, wow!

But she could still snap up the New Sanlorenzo 52 Steel for $AU48,950,379.

This baby has a pool and five cabins!

8. Buy a private island
Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Website lists several islands for sale within Sydney Mum’s price range.

My personal favourite, Spectabilis Island in The Caribbean costs $AU86 million and is offered “only to the discerning buyer who has reached the apogee in society”.

The apogee.

9. Invest it in an index fund

If $AU107 million isn’t enough, you could always try to increase it through investing.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by investing in an index fund.

According to Vanguard Group’s Investment Income Calculator, if you invested $US71 million in a Vanguard fund with a yield of 13 per cent, you’d earn an estimated $US9.23 million income per year.

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