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$76 fine awaits Australians earning cash this way

Many people earn cash like this, but it could be illegal. (Image: Getty)

Most city motorists at one time would have been approached by people with a squeegee offering to clean their windscreen during a red light stop.

Some drivers like the offer and how the washers earn a bit of extra cash, while others hate being accosted for money in return for a rushed cleaning job.

The latter group may be relieved to hear that Yahoo Finance has confirmed with police that the activity is actually illegal. 

NSW Police confirmed that a $76 fine awaits for anyone caught offering such services. In Western Australia the penalty is reportedly $50 or be summoned to appear in court.

In Queensland it's even illegal for drivers and passengers to solicit, or pay for, such services.

A Perth teenager told The Western Australian that he can earn up to $150 in a few hours, and once even made $375 in a single day.

"The police don’t like us, I don’t blame them, they are looking out for people’s safety," said 16-year-old Brady.

"As soon as I can get a good enough every-day job I probably won’t be doing it. It’s just hard at the moment because I am young."

As well as for the safety of cars and pedestrians, the law is there to deter unnecessary aggravation between washers and motorists.

Internet forums are full of anecdotes of washers wiping windscreens without consent, and even getting aggressive when drivers refuse to pay for a service they did not ask for.

"I had one who wanted to fight me after I said to him 'Mate don't touch my windscreen' after ignoring my head shaking," said one motorist.

"Fortunately I haven't seen him at the same corner since, but I'm a bit worried what he might do next time he's there."

Have you ever had an incident with a windscreen washer? Have you ever been a windscreen washer? Contact us.

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