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On The 15th Anniversary, Let's Talk About The 7 Things From The "Twilight" Films That Aged Like Milk, And The 9 That Aged Like Fine Wine

Happy 15th anniversary of the first Twilight film! I remember midnight screenings, book releases, and the Hot Topic merch pileups. The Twilight era was truly one for the books.

The opening title screen of "Twilight"

So, on this joyous occasion, let's discuss, in my opinion, the eight things in the films that aged pretty poorly and the nine that aged as beautifully as a vampire:

1.Aged poorly: Bella and Edward's age gap

Bella and Edward in an embrace

2.Aged poorly: Renesmee's CGI

A screen shot of baby Renesmee

3.Aged poorly: The way Bella's friends acted after Edward left

Bella sitting in a chair looking very empty

4.Aged poorly: Jacob imprinting on a baby

Jacob's wolf eye with a grown-up Renesmee in his eye

5.Aged poorly: Jacob's completely inappropriate and manipulative behavior towards Bella

Jacob holding Bella's hand to his heart while she looks rather uncomfortable

6.Aged poorly: The total lack of diversity

a screen shot of Angela, Eric, Mike, and Jessica

7.Aged poorly: The clear problems on how relationships are portrayed in this story

Edward and Jacob in a fight with Bella in the center

And now, let's talk about the things that I think aged really well for the series:

8.Aged like a vamp: "Edible art"

A side by side of Edward holding the apple in "Twilight" and the book cover

9.Aged like a vamp: Edward and Bella's power couple dynamic

Bella and Edward staring into each other's eyes

10.Aged like a vamp: The wolves CGI

A huge black wolf

11.Aged like a vamp: Bella's shield abilities

a screenshot of vampire Bella

12.Aged like a vamp: The soundtrack

Edward playing the piano

13.Aged like a vamp: The baseball scene

Alice pitching during the baseball game

14.Aged like a vamp: The Breaking Dawn: Part 2 battle

Carlisle's fake death scene

15.Aged like a vamp: The Cullen family dynamic

The Cullen family standing in their living room

16.Aged like a vamp: The lasting impact

movie posters lined up at the "Breaking Dawn:Part 1" premiere