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7 countries offering Aussies a cheap working-holiday visas: 'Best thing I ever did'

Jacki has worked in Greece and the UK and said you will 'never regret' doing a year in another country.

An Aussie who packed her bags and got a working holiday visa to travel Europe and the United Kingdom has urged others to consider doing the same. With the cost of living rising in Australia, Jacki said it has never been a better time to head somewhere else while you can.

Plenty of people are taking up digital-nomad visas to work all over the world (you can read our explainer on that here). But, if you were hoping to put down roots for a while and get a job, you need to consider age limits.

"If you were sitting at home hating your job, hating your life, I have a solution for you," Jacki said on TikTok. "If you're Australian, and you're 18 to 35, you need to get a working holiday visa."

Traveller Jacki talking about working-holiday visas next a shot of Japan
Traveller Jacki said getting a working holiday visa was the best decision she's ever had. (Source: TikTok/Getty)

Has the cost of living caused you to leave Australia? Email

She went to Greece and worked at a bar on the island of Ios for a season and described the experience as "the best decision I ever made".


"I had so much fun. I'm literally going back for the third time," she said.

There are 45 countries that offer working holiday visas to Australians and they all come with different rules and price tags.

7 cheapest working-holiday visas

  1. Japan: Free (18 months)

  2. Slovakia: Free (12 months)

  3. Malaysia: $30 (12 months)

  4. Hong Kong: $45 (12 months)

  5. Ecuador: $70 (12 months)

  6. Israel: $79 (12 months)

  7. Cyprus: $90 (9 months)

7 most expensive working-holiday visas

  1. United Kingdom: $3,575 (3 years)

  2. Norway: $930 (2 years)

  3. Belgium: $736 (12 months)

  4. Finland $600 (12 months)

  5. Denmark: $550 (12 months)

  6. South Korea: $510 (12 months)

  7. Turkey: $495 (12 months)

How old do I have to be to apply for a working holiday visa?

If you are aged between 18 to 30 you can get a working holiday visa in the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Cyprus, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

If you're a little bit older than that then fear not, other places will still accept you.

The age limits in the following are:

  • Canada: 35 years old

  • Denmark: 35 years old

  • France: 35 years old

  • Ireland: 35 years old

  • Italy: 35 years old

  • The UK: 35 years old

  • Portugal: 31 years old

The Czech Republic is the only place that has a smaller age limit and people over 26 can't apply.

Some countries require you to have a certain amount of savings so they know you can support yourself while you look for a job. To get a working holiday visa in the UK, for example, you need to have nearly $5,000 in your bank account.


Other countries have rules on how long you're allowed to work for a certain employer, with some as little as three months.

English-speaking countries like Canada, the UK, the United States or Ireland could offer an easier path to get a job.

"I'm not kidding guys, every single person I've ever spoken to has done a season has the best thing that ever did," Jacki said.

"You can go the snow, you can go to Japan, you can go to Canada, you can go somewhere warm like Greece, Spain, literally anywhere, just get up and do it because you will not regret it.

"One of the things you will literally look back on your life when you're like 80 and you're like, "Damn, I'm so glad I did that'."

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