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6 tips for buying the best block of land for your property

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You have the floor plans, you have the budget and you have the dream.

Now you just need the block of land upon which you’ll construct your perfect home.

Obviously, not just any plot of land will work but picking the perfect plot can be overwhelming. Do you know where to start?

Here are six things you’ll need to consider;

1. Zoning

You should find out what zoning or development codes the council has for the block as certain codes have limitations attached, the managing director of Home Builders Advantage, Paul Cheverall said in an advice piece published in Domain.

These limitations can be based on size, type of dwelling and number of dwellings.

2. Shape and slope

If you have a particular design in mind, the shape and slope of the block can make a big difference.

Similarly, if the plot is on a significant slope the land will need to be cut and filled or you’ll need to build a house that makes the most of the slope. Houses on slopes can often be spectacular once finished, but building on this surface can come with a hefty price tag.

3. Altitude

If you’re building in an area prone to flooding it’s a good idea to know how high above sea-level your plot is.

4. Restrictions

Different councils and shires have different rules on how you can build, beyond zoning. So this means there might be rules on the colours, materials and even style of home you’re building.

And if you’re pulling down an established home to build a funky contemporary pad, you should be prepared for resistance from your new neighbours.

5. Trees

Similarly, if the plot has a 100-year old tree right in the middle of it, this could cause some problems. And while they’re a beautiful feature (and essential to the environment), it’s good to be aware of the ongoing cost of keeping your home clean of leaves and safe from falling branches.

6. The area

Are there good schools nearby? Public transport and infrastructure? As with any property decisions, these are all crucial factors.

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