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5 charities to donate to this Christmas

Where to donate to this Christmas. Source: Getty

Christmas is a time of giving, especially now, given the catastrophic fires that have ravaged parts of the country, taking with them many peoples’ homes, belongings and safety.

With that in mind, Yahoo Finance has put together a list of five charities to donate to this Christmas:

1. Your local rural fire brigade

Rural fire brigades in South AustraliaQueensland and New South Wales have been battling blazes non-stop since September.

And that’s not where the buck stops: they’re also a vital community service, providing community meeting points and offering assistance to those in need at this time.

You can donate by heading to their respective websites linked above, and following the prompts to make a donation.

2. Givit

Givit is offering multiple appeals, one of them being drought relief for farmers affected by the dry weather.

You can choose to donate funds or items to the appeal, or choose another appeal to donate to.

3. St Vincent De Paul

St Vincent De Paul has an appeal for the NSW Fires and one for fire, flood and drought disasters in Queensland.

Again, you can choose to donate funds or items, with proceeds going towards families in need of food, clothing, grocery vouchers and payment to cover unexpected bills.

4. Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

Koalas and their habitat have been devastated by the bushfires, and a GoFundMe has been set up by the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital to receive donations to help nurse koalas back to health.

The GoFundMe initially sought $25,000, but donations have exceeded $2 million. Now, the Hospital is seeking to use those funds to extend the project, and establish a wild koala breeding program.

5. Hope for Nauru

At this time, it’s hard to forget families who have sought refuge from war-torn countries on our shores. Hope for Nauru has been established to provide support for these refugees, by sending essential items in the form of care packages to those on Nauru.

You can donate here.

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