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5 cars to buy with a big bonus from the boss

Russ Heaps

Auto » 5 Best Cars To Buy With Your Big Bonus

Cars to buy with your bonus

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Cars to buy with your bonus

Surprisingly, there are still companies that pass out year-end cash bonuses, and it's in that spirit that Bankrate assembled a list of the five best cars to buy with a big bonus.

Not all bonuses are created equal. Consequently, each of the five cars represents an ascending bonus range. Because bonus earners might want to pay cash for their car, the manufacturer's suggested retail price of each car falls below the dollar amount at the bottom of the range.

Any bonus amount could be used as a down payment for a car. But, to pay the full purchase price in cash of the least expensive car on today's market, bonus amounts begin at $15,000.

Listed car prices are before manufacturer delivery charges and include air conditioning, at least six air bags, power windows, door locks and outboard mirrors.

Fuel economy had no bearing on the choices, but the fuel economy rating in mpg from the Environmental Protection Agency is listed for each car.

If that bonus check is burning a hole in your pocket, Bankrate presents the cars to spend it on.

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