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These are the 5 best TED Talks on money

Want to get your personal finances in order? These TED Talks will get you started. Source: Getty

Personal finance isn’t something we’re all comfortable talking about, and if you’re not quite ready to seek advice from a professional, it can be hard to improve your money knowledge.

But there are a few ways to start taking your money seriously, like finding YouTube videos, podcasts or listening to great TED Talks.

Yahoo Finance has already sourced some great podcasts to learn about money, but now we’ve done some digging and found five of the best Ted Talks on personal finance.

1 . An honest look at the personal finance crisis

If you don’t understand what personal finance is, or believe it is a widespread issue, this TED Talk will change your mind.

Elizabeth White talks about the realities of entering retirement when you’re not financially stable, and the changes society needs to make to ensure everyone has a grip on personal finance.

2 . 3 psychological tricks to help you save money

This TED Talk explores how people tend to make savings commitments for their “future self”, but when it comes that decision-making time, they don’t commit to it.

It’s a quick five-minute video that will identify your bad savings habits, and give you tips on how to overcome them.

3 . Let’s get honest about our money problems

Money coach, Tammy Lally, reflects on a personal story to explain ‘money shame’, and why lying about debt is damaging.

Lally teaches you why it’s important to get real about your money problems, and “follow your dollars” to find out how to rein in your spending.

4 . Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow

Behavioural economist, Shlomo Benartzi takes a look at behavioural finance in this TED Talk, and explains why our lack of self-control in favour of immediate gratification means we’re not saving enough. And, he tells you how to overcome that.

5 . How does the stock market work?

If you’re a newbie at investing, or simply want to know the basics as to how the stock market works, this is a good TED Talk to get you started.

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