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This $5 Aldi snack is so good it forced stores to limit boxes per customer

Aldi’s halloumi fries are a hit. Image: Getty

Aldi stores in the UK had to impose a limit of two boxes of this delicious snack per person because they were so popular.

Now, the cult snack is taking off in Australia and it’s causing a similar frenzy.

At $5, Aldi’s Halloumi Fries are the latest snack to send shoppers wild.

Instagram group Aldi Lovers Australia posted a snap of the snack to their 80 thousand followers this week, with the quote: “Stop the press! Crispy Halloumi Fries have been spotted in Aldi.”

Hundreds of Aldi shoppers responded with excitement.

“Think these need to be added to the shopping list,” one Instagram user wrote.

“I guess I’m going to have to go to Aldi,” added another.

And one user expressed their delight with one word: “Finally.”

Aldi announced it would stock the fries last year, but have seen a resurgence in popularity recently.

Where can I get them?

The fries are available across the country, an Aldi spokesperson confirmed.

“Our customers have been waiting with much anticipation for the launch of our Halloumi Fries, which have started to appear on shelves of select stores and will be rolled out nationally in the coming week.

“Be quick though, our Specially Selected Halloumi Fries are seasonal and on sale for a limited time only.”

What happened in the UK with the Halloumi Fries?

Aldi stores in the UK were forced to limit their boxes of Halloumi Fries to two boxes per person after a surge in popularity which saw them flying off the shelves.

“I can confirm that as of now halloumi fries are being limited in stores to two boxes per person. This is to ensure that all customers have the chance to try this popular product for themselves,” a spokeswoman for the stores said in July last year.

Coles enters halloumi wars

While shoppers lose their minds over Aldi’s Halloumi Fries, rival supermarket giant Coles is also causing waves with today’s announcement that they will also sell Halloumi Chips.

A post today about the Halloumi Chips has been shared 228 times in 40 minutes, with thousands of excited shoppers chiming in about their love of salty, squeaky cheese.

“Get me some!” wrote one user.

“Holy freaking bageebers,” wrote another.

However, some commenters pointed out that halloumi chips and fries aren’t difficult to make yourself.

All you need to do is chop the block of halloumi up and grill them, or dust them with flour and fry.

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