4 tips to make MILLIONS on social media

Young woman hiding behind hashtag sign in studio. Source: Getty
Young woman hiding behind hashtag sign in studio. Source: Getty

Flaunting the latest products like the Kardashians or Jenners might not be your thing, but you can still make a solid income from social media outlets.

Facebook has over two billion monthly active users, Instagram has around 800 million and Twitter has 330 million, so it’s easy to see how Kylie Jenner rakes in up to a whopping $1.3 million for a sponsored post, or if you’re Kim Kardashian, between $700,00 and $1.004 million.

If you need more proof, a 2017 Bloglovin’ survey showed that 63 per cent of companies had increased their influencer marketing budgets, and Media Kix recorded advertisers spent $1.6 billion on Instagram alone in 2018.

Here’s 4 ways to get a piece of the pie for yourself.

Be Authentic

Forbes has authenticity as the top necessity for a social media influencer, and while it probably sounds cliche, content that isn’t compelling or passionate won’t keep audiences engaged.

And, it comes straight from the horse’s mouth, with a TapInfluence survey revealing 71 per cent of influencers rate honesty and humour as their main attraction.

Collab with other brands

Forbes also reported that brands are willing to pay for the right kind of influence, and you don’t need over 1,000 followers to show the value you can provide.

Their top tip for pitching your value?

Create an appealing and visually aesthetic media kit, and leverage platforms like Crowdtap or BuzzSumo to find brands in your niche and connect with them.

Market, market, market

Getgist said another key step to making money on social media is to be an affiliate marketer by directing your viewers to an online vendor, and in return receiving a commission.

Price your pics

If you genuinely enjoy photography, Forbes suggests you whip out your iPhone, take great quality photos, put a VSCO filter on them and sell your photos.

But, keep in mind you should post consistently on your social media platforms as they can act as ready-made portfolios for interested buyers, and add a personalised watermark so photos can’t be misused.

By Anastasia Santoreneos

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