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3 tips to make your TikTok video go viral

·3-min read
Young woman filming herself dancing at home to share on social media
Creating a viral video has more to it sometimes than just sheer luck. (Source: Getty)

Looking to create your first viral piece of content can be a hard thing to accomplish and often is an uphill battle of consistently posting to try out new ideas.

Viral TikTok videos to an untrained eye can look random, however there is sometimes a method to the madness that can help tilt the odds in your favour.

From years of working with TikTok creators and creating content, it is clear the platform has certain video metrics it favours for making videos go viral.

Here are three tips and tricks that will help your content go viral.

1. Incentivising comments

As the saying goes ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’. Whether true or false, in the realm of TikTok it has never made more sense.

From experience, TikTok works on an algorithm which judges video quality purely by engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares and rewatches. If you can encourage comments, positive or negative, your videos will most likely get shown to more people.

Australian creator powerhouses like Adam Milardovic, with eight million TikTok followers, have tactics where they put obscure out-of-place things in the background of their videos to engage viewers and entice them to comment to see if anyone else noticed.

“Everyone likes to leave their two-cents so I give the audience strings to pull on, like having someone in the video wear one shoe or have someone in the back of the video acting ridiculous,” Milardovic said.

In desperate attempts, creators have even tried mispronouncing or misspelling words in videos as viewers once again will think they were the only ones to pick up on the mistake and comment about it.

2. The first few seconds

Attention spans have never been shorter which is why now more than ever it’s vital to hook a viewer almost instantaneously.

We’re long past the days of drawn out YouTube videos. We live in a world especially on TikTok where there is so much content that if something instantly doesn’t interest you, you can scroll onto another one.

If you’re lacking creativity, try watching creators within your niche for inspiration on how to hook yours viewers into the content.

3. Rewatch the video

This is purely a game of average watch time, the longer you can keep someone's eyes locked, the higher the platform will regard your video as a quality piece of content.

A trick many creators learnt a long time ago was the art of convincing a viewer to rewatch a video.

An example of this would be how creators use the fact that TikTok automatically replays content. This is known to influencers as looping, a trend where the start and the end of the video feel tethered together so a viewer will be confused that the content has even ended and restarted.

Tactics like these all aid in convincing the platform that you have posted a solid video because users are commenting on it and are also spending copious amounts of time watching it.

And if all else fails, there is surely a new dance trend you can partake in.

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