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'Overpaid': The $2700 a week job sparking fierce debate

TikToker Nyah Covey onsite at her job, a construction sign at a road works site and Australian cash.
An Aussie TikToker has sparked debate over her high-paying job. (Source: TikTok @nyahcovey/Getty)

Aussie TikToker Nyah Covey has sparked debate on the social media platform after making a video sharing how much she makes in a week in her job as a traffic controller.

The video, which details how much she makes each day showing her at different work sites, caused a stir in the comments section.

In the video, the traffic controller said she made $2,700 in a week, working 12-hour shifts over six days.


She claimed she made $700 for a Sunday shift where she would have earned penalty rates, and $400 a day from Monday to Friday.

The daily pay was calculated before tax, which she said was “standard”.

“Honestly tax is pretty normal, same as every other job, obviously the more we make the more we get taxed but it’s standard,” Corvey said.

However, in the comments section not everyone was happy about her seemingly large paycheck.

One user commented that the job was “so overpaid”.

Covey responded and defended the wage saying she was performing a dangerous job.

“We are risking our lives, people don’t understand what we actually do! It’s not just holding a sign,” she said.

“You don’t see half of what we do.”

Another user jumped to her defence saying $400 for a 12-hour shift is actually not that much money at all.

Others pointed out that the job is primarily casual work, so while the paycheck might be good, it can be sparse.

Covey agreed that the work can be on and off but said it has been quite busy since construction picked up post-pandemic.

“So much work at the moment, definitely some weeks that are quiet but the busy weeks make up for it,” she said.

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