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Google Stadia achievements are live on the web, but not in the app

Kris Holt
Contributing Writer

Google is slowly but surely expanding Stadia's feature set. The Stream Connect split-screen mode emerged with the release of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint on the service this week, and now another aspect of the service is live: achievements. You'll receive notifications on your PC or TV (if you're playing on Chromecast) when you earn them. You can check out achievement lists on the web, but not the mobile apps just yet.

If you're concerned facing an empty achievement list despite already plowing through dozens of hours of Destiny 2, fret not: Google has been tracking achievements, and those you've earned should already be on the lists. You'll also be able to show off your achievements (or hide them via the privacy settings) and see your friends' accolades on their profiles.

Given that achievements/trophies are a cornerstone of other gaming platforms, it's good that Google didn't wait until too long after launch to make them available. At the very least, it should be easier for you to see how close you are to 100 percent completing a given game.