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Waze can warn you about unplowed roads during winter

Jon Fingas
Associate Editor
ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images

Winter is full of driving challenges, particularly unplowed roads -- they're slogs at best, and downright dangerous at worst. Waze might help you steer clear, though. It just updated its Android and iOS apps with the ability to report unplowed roads in real-time. You'll know if last night's snowfall will lead to some detours on your way to work.

The feature was prompted by a team-up with Virginia's Department of Transportation as part of the Waze for Cities initiative that provides data to communities. In theory, this doesn't just help you save time and stay safe. It could help cities gauge how well their snowplows clear the roads, and pinpoint parts of town that aren't receiving adequate care.

Unplowed road warning in Waze