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2 Aussie cities among hardest places in the world to get a job

Doha in Qatar is the most difficult city in the world to score a job.

An image of office workers waiting to cross the street in the Sydney CBD as they head to their jobs.
Sydney and Melbourne are two of the most difficult cities int he world to score a job. (Source: AAP)

If you’ve been struggling to land a new job in Sydney or Melbourne, you’re not alone. Those Aussie cities are two of the most competitive job markets in the world.

Sydney’s job market is more competitive than any other Australian city, and number 17 globally, according to LinkedIn data analysed by Each week, a whopping 50.6 applicants are added for every job post.

Melbourne is the second-most-competitive job market in Australia, coming in at number 26 globally, with 43.5 applicants per job posting.


But, while Sydney may be the most competitive city in Australia for jobs, it outranks all other Aussie cities for salary.

A PwC study also once found it outranked 29 other global “cities of opportunity” when it came to liveability and was the third-most desirable city for professionals thinking of relocating.

Most competitive job markets in the world

Thinking of moving to the Middle East? Many people do this because of the income advantages, including having the world’s highest average salaries and no federal income tax.

But, on the flipside, you’re in a large crowd. Doha, Qatar, has the most competitive job market in the world, with 399 people, on average, applying for a LinkedIn job post each week.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are ranked number two and five, respectively. Dubai has 282 people per job per week, while Abu Dhabi has 148.8.

If moving to the high-powered, high-prestige US business world whets your appetite, avoid San Jose, California - ranked seven-most-competitive in the world - and San Francisco - ranked number nine. At number 11 was New York, with 80 people applying per week per job.

Good news for those fond of cold weather and warm beer. London only had 20 people applying for each job per week.

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