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13 suburbs where you can buy a home from $260,000

A sold sticker on top of a for sale sign. Aerial view of Australian property. Australian currency staked on top of each other.
The Aussie property market doesn't have to be unattainable if you know where to look. (Source: Getty)

Despite a slowdown in the Aussie property market, prices are still sky high but that doesn’t mean you have to be locked out of the market.

It is still possible to buy a home that is close to the CBD, starting as low as $260,000, according to new research commissioned by Well Home Loans.

The research analysed every suburb in Australia before filtering out suburbs where the average home price was over $750,000.

All suburbs also had to meet strict guidelines for safety and be within 25 kilometres from a city centre.

That left a small list of Australian suburbs, which were ranked from the cheapest average home price to the most expensive.

The list consisted entirely of unit markets, spread over Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, the ACT and the Northern Territory.

Notably, not a single suburb in New South Wales or Victoria made the cut.

Well Home Loans CEO Scott Spencer said the research was designed to help entry-level buyers and those on modest incomes find good homes in good areas.

“It has definitely become harder for first-home buyers and young families to buy properties that are affordable, desirable and relatively close to capital city CBDs, but this report proves it's not impossible,” Spencer said.

“That said, if your budget is $750,000 and you want to live within commuting distance of the city centre, your options are limited.”

Here are the top 13 suburbs and their median unit price.

  1. Westbourne Park, SA - $260,000

  2. Black Forest, SA - $272,000

  3. Macquarie, ACT - $285,000

  4. Henley Beach South, SA - $290,000

  5. Baldivis, WA - $295,000

  6. Wembley, WA - $300,000

  7. Leanyer, NT - $300,000

  8. Curtin, ACT - $305,800

  9. Bibra Lake, WA - $310,000

  10. Mawson Lakes, SA - $315,000

  11. Daisy Hill, QLD - $321,000

  12. Atwell, WA - $325,000

  13. Highgate, WA - $325,000

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